Unemployment rise in India

Government did not concern the unemployment rate in India. The majority of trending hashtags on Twitter on Thursday was about rising unemployment, timely results of government exams, and reforms in examinations. #modi_job_do was the top hashtag on Twitter with over 5 million tweets. The other trending hashtags were  #मोदी_रोजगार_दो (Modi give employment) and #Mama_Rojgar_Do, targetted at the CM of Madhya Pradesh.

India\’s unemployment rate sharply rose to 7.11 per cent in 2020 from 5.27 per cent in 2019, said a report by Centre for Economic Data and Analysis (CEDA) based on the ILOSTAT database of International Labour Organisation. Going back, India saw its unemployment rate rise between 2008, when it was 5.36 per cent to 5.65 per cent in 2010. It maintained a downward trend between 2013 and 2019, when it came down from 5.67 per cent to 5.27 per cent.

The pandemic worsened the employment situation in the country, with private organizations laying off employees, daily wage laborers being left with no work, and governments delaying recruitment processes for various departments. Several million have lost their jobs. As a result, as of January 2021, India had only about 400 million employed.

A distressing trend that began in May has been the rise in rural unemployment rate. By May 23, it had reached 9.7 per cent, marking an unprecedented level in rural unemployment level. Meanwhile, urban rural unemployment rate in the nation continued to rise, reaching 14.7 per cent by May 23. The country is looking at 10 million job loss during the month.

Nowadays Government exam became a scam in order to get the exam fees from the unemployment section of society. Most of the aspirant already passes the government exam but appointment never took place. Some private tutor academic section also syndicate with government in order to raise their business. Education sector is now become a business in India. What a use of that education if not much employment generate to hire the educate people.