Are Bihar State became police state through Special Armed Police Bill 2021?

We Indian have faith in our state policy and law, if any violation take place we approach to judicial system for justice. What happen if India gives supreme power to sole authority? Special Armed Police Bill gave an absolute power police authority.

Some major points have highlighted below:-

  1. Does Bihar need Special Armed Police? Bihar Military Police are already exit to maintain public law and order. Bihar doesn’t need Special Armed Police.


  1. Special Armed Police has Power to arrest on suspicion: without evidence, without warning police can act and arrest any person on suspicion. There is a proper procedure to arrest any person in India are not applicable to Special Armed Police:


Section 42:  allow a police officer to arrest a person for a non cognizable offense if he refuse to give his name and residence.
Section 43:  arrest by private person.
Section 44:  arrest by magistrate as per section 44(1).
Section 46:  How arrest is done with or without warrant (arrest is done).


  1. Special Armed Police has Power to arrest without warrant, without court interference arrest can take place. It means all law and order will regulate by Special Armed Police without been scrutinized by the judicial system.


  1. Special Armed Police has power of search without warrant. Police should have a suspicion that accused will escape or alter the evidence while acquire search warrant document.


  1. Court has no power to pass an order/case against Special Armed Police. When allegations on Special Armed police then Police authority are supreme no one point a finger on them. Only after sanction of state government, Special Armed Police duty will be scrutinized. It is similar to AFSPA legal immunity to Armed Force when they work in disturbs area.


After analysis all the above points we can clearly seen that Special Armed Police is a puppet of Bihar Government in order to suppress “protestor”/ so called “Andolan-Jivi” who raise questions on government work.

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