Impact of Lockdown “Domestic Violence and Divorce rate rise in India”

As lockdown start most of people lost their jobs. The National Unemployment Rate in April climbed to 7.97% from 6.5% in March and 6.89% in February, and urban unemployment increased to 9.78% as against 7.27% in March. With 73.5 lakh job losses, the number of employees, both salaried and non-salaried, fell from 39.81 crore in March to 39.08 crore in April, for the third straight month. The number of people employed in India stood at 40.07 crore in January 2021.

A total of over 6.8 lakh companies have been closed across India. The number of closed companies account for 36.07 per cent of the total 18,94,146 companies that are registered under Registrar of Companies. Out of the total 6,83,317 companies that have been shut, over 1.42 lakh were in Maharashtra, more than 1.25 lakh were in Delhi, over 67,000 were in West Bengal while no company was closed in Sikkim, the data showed.

Financial instability impact on personal life of individual. Mumbai, which tops the list of maximum coronavirus cases in the country, also saw the highest number of divorce cases being filed during the lockdown period.

Post-corona, the city saw a nearly three-fold increase in cases pertaining to divorce and women-related issues being filed. From an average of 1,280 cases in a month, their numbers went up to it 3,480 during the lockdown. Delhi was at the second spot.

Another category of legal cases that has seen a big jump in the post-lockdown period pertains to job loss and salary cut. People should understand this is a hard time for everyone of us and it will be over soon. Panic, Domestic Violence and Divorce will not resolve anything.

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