Gang Rape and Murder of 9 years old Dalit Girl

It all started when dalit girl went to crematorium for drink cold water from the crematorium’s cooler at 5:30 pm.. When she did not came back to home for long time, her parents and neighbor start searching for her. Then her family knew from the man at Delhi Cantt crematorium that she is electrocuted by electric wire near cooler. The crematorium’s priest Radhey Shyam (55) and three workers Kuldeep Kumar (63), Laxmi Narain (48) and Mohd Salim (49), known to the family rushed to her home. Showing the girl’s body to her mother, they claimed that she got electrocuted while getting water from the cooler.

When Dalit girl mother want to call police about the incident, then priest and the three men advised her not to call the police, saying “they would insist on an autopsy and steal her organs and sell them”.

After forceful/under influence cremation done of innocent Dalit daughter. Mother alleged that they shut the gates to prevent her from leaving, threatened her and even offered to bribe her. The child’s father said that by the time he, along with about 150 villagers, reached the crematorium, their daughter’s body was mostly burned.

The villagers said they called the police and doused the pyre with water, but could only retrieve her legs – which means a post mortem exam to confirm rape would not be possible. A senior police official said that based on the information from the parents, a case of gang rape, murder and forced cremation had been registered against the accused.

They also called for some local police officials to be suspended, accusing them of harassing the victim’s family. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal and senior leader of the opposition Congress Party Rahul Gandhi visited the child’s family and offered to help them get justice.

Protesters from the Congress burnt an effigy of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, accusing him of not condemning the crime.

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