Communal Hatred in India: Details

The procession had begun peacefully. Marching through the streets of Delhi’s Jahangirpuri district on Saturday, the devotees had gathered to celebrate the Hindu festival of Hanuman Jayanti. But the peace did not last long. As the evening drew in, an unauthorised parade began to gather. This time, men clad in saffron, the signature colour of Hindu nationalism, filled the streets brandishing swords and pistols, and started to shout provocative communal slogans.

The List of Communal Hated:


  1. Hijab Ban Controversy.
  2.  No business run by muslim near Hindu Temple
  3. Targeted for displaying Halal Certificate on its signboards. Ban the Halal Meat in India. Bajrang Dal workers have attacked a meat seller on the issue of Halal meat. ‘Halal’ in Arabic means ‘permissible’. It is meat cut in accordance with Islamic laws and although it is sold for consumption by Muslims
  4. Loudspeakers in mosques to give Azaan Controversy.
  5. In Tripura, another BJP leader called for Government supported madrassas to be shut down as the Madarassas produce terrorists.
  6. Food has again turned political in India as right-wing politicians call for meat shops to be shut in the capital Delhi during the Hindu festival of Navratri. But the insistence on casting India, or even Hindus, as vegetarian, ignores the country’s long and intricate relationship with meat.
  7. Clashes also broke out at the beginning of April in Karauli, Rajasthan, when a Hindu procession was passing through a Muslim area and about 70 shops, mostly belonging to Muslims were set alight. The violence this month even reached one of India’s top universities, Jawaharlal Nehru University in Delhi, after rightwing Hindu activists objected to the cooking of non-vegetarian food at a student hostel.
  8. Shahdullah Baig home was one of several properties in Khargone city’s Chhoti Mohan Talkies neighborhood, in India’s central Madhya Pradesh state, ​that he says were demolished by authorities following violent clashes between Hindus and Muslims that broke out on April 10 — the day of the Hindu festival Ram Navami.
    Authorities have ​defended the demolitions by saying they had acted against both “rioters” and “encroachers,” claiming the houses and shops were built illegally on public land. But Baig and others spoken to by CNN say only Muslim homes have been targeted.

Government Play divide and rule policy, to divert the mind of local people the series of Hindu-Muslim Clash shown in Media channel. No one talk about price rise of petrol, gas, cooking oil etc inflation rate is high in India and employment rate is decline. All Government company become private through privatization policy. Industry become NPA in India inspite of that Bank grant loan to big tycoon. Indian bank are on the way to destruction  are common people money safe in Bank.

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