Are Indian Main Stream Media become Bias?

Now-a-days educate people don’t rely on our media house to update their daily news feed. Media recently stick to their full fledged propaganda to promote the image of ruling government. Media somewhat become the puppet in the hand of government, Media should be neutral as it is our fourth pillar of our democracy.

It’s all about money. As media house get ads from government, if they praise government policy then additional incentives added to media house. Recent government invests the public money in advertising themselves. Are really government needs all that advertisement, as common people donate anything or do some good deed then we all promote in social media that is also not a good thing. Good deed does need publicity or appraisal.


Through the media house corrupt the mind of individual. Media divert common people mind in Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs etc disturbance conflicts. Media house should analysis critical situation of our India like, unemployment, lack of medical treatment center for Covid-19, excessive charge taken by hospital during Covid-19, how much government already taken loan from our bank and international bank recently, Government sector privatize effect common people, how petrol price hike reflect in our daily life, how much prime minister spend public money in his lavishing life style etc. Most common ask question why mask rule and social gathering rule not implemented in election campaign, whereas common people paying fine for violation.

Government is representative of people in democratic nation like India. Government should not have power to pass any bill in parliament without any discussion and without the future forecast. As we seen in demonetization period, total lockdown, GST implication, Farm Law Bills etc. All this questions should rise by media. At least Media should avoid to circulate fake news in National television.

Now it is on us to decide whether main stream media is bias or not.

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