Beware: “Corona Wave 2.0 hit India”

As corona vaccine already came up and consume by people. Question still the same “why dead rate not decreasing?” “Are double mutant corona virus unaffected by corona vaccine?” no valid answer given by any government officials the efficacy of vaccines may be reduced due to corona mutations.


If vaccine is effective and government take proper initiative then how corona case has a rapid growth? The elections campaign in west Bengal and Kumbh Mela not effect by it. “As corona virus itself afraid of party members/politics and holy saints they are immune” belief of andhbhakt.  Government has been criticized because the total lockdown in India lose it effect due election campaign and Kumbh mela. There should some limit and rule should follow in this pandemic situation, besides taking any precaution government decided to divide election into eight phases in West Bengal.

Government death rate figure due to covid-19 didn’t match the actual death rate which is much higher. The cremation grounds in Bhopal that would see about 5-10 bodies being brought earlier are now seeing 35-40 bodies on a daily basis. The number of bodies that are being cremated following the Covid protocols is far higher than what the official figures show in Bhopal. At the Bhadbhada cremation ground and Subhash Nagar Ghat, AajTak found a total of 187 bodies were cremated at the two sites between Thursday and Sunday under the Covid protocols. However, the official Covid-19 death toll remained at five.(refer Indiatoday)

Karnataka Health and Family Welfare and Medical Education Minister Dr. K. Sudhakar on Saturday said the allegations made by the leader of opposition Siddaramaiah regarding statistics about COVID-19 deaths is completely false and baseless.

“The allegations made by Leader of Opposition Siddaramaiah on Twitter regarding statistics about COVID-19 deaths are completely false and baseless,” said Sudhakar. (refer livemint)

Note: So be alert and take precaution to avoid covid-19 virus. At least take precaution for your elder Parents and Infant child. Don’t rely on News Channel and Government official data.

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