Acche Din is Here: India

We didn’t have any intention to promote or demotivate any government/government policy but there should be some democracy left in India. Truth should prevail to Indian citizen before it’s too late to recover.

Achhe Din = Scarcity of beds and oxygen supply in Hospitals during covid-19 second wave + GDP fall + Privatization of Government Institution +  Demonitization shatter the unorganized business sector +  Lack of Employment generate in India + Petrol and LPG price hike + Media become bias and promote government agenda + New Law pass without discussion and no worry of future outcome + Election Campaign and Haridwar kumbh mela 2021  going on during deadly second wave of corona +  Foreign Investment decrease in India.

Indian people are agitated because of government policy and how government suppresses their flaws and bad policies. No media channel is genuine beside NDTV and some Independent media channels in YouTube. Indian government orders twitter to remove the post which critics Modi Government’s in Covid- 19 situation in second wave. Madras High Court Chief Justice Sanjib Banerjee criticize Election Commission for allowing political rallies during Covid-19, further added that “Election Commission Officers should be booked on murder charges probably”

Freedom of Speech and expression suppress by the government. Question arise how much we are free in India Now?

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