Judiciary Warn States on Corona Virus Crisis: Scarcity of Oxygen Supply, insufficient Covid-19 Vaccine and Hospital Facilities

People raised questions to the Indian Government that “Why Government didn’t take a precaution and ready for second wave?” “Why government donates vaccine to other country while it not sufficient supply for their citizens?” government didn’t stock oxygen and covid vaccine. Basically government presumes that crisis pandemic was over before second wave hit, as result common people pay price for government caught unprepared.


  1. Delhi High Court issue notice to create portal to take donation from abroad to cope up oxygen crisis “Mr. Mehra submits that suppliers be asked to present in next hearing and emphasised they are bound to comply with 27th april order. Notice issued to all suppliers of liquid oxygen to NCT Delhi.When they are present, they should have date of supplies made by them, quantity wise and time wise.”


  1. Delhi High Court raised a question to center government “We are not asking you (Centre) to stop giving to these States. But the point is, on April 20, Delhi’s projected demand was 700 metric tonne, but you allocated 480 metric tonne. It doesn’t appear to be falling in line,” a bench of Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli said. Why center allot a sufficient oxygen supply to Delhi State.


  1. Supreme Court “The apex court on April 22 took suo motu cognizance of the “alarming situation” in connection with various health emergencies including oxygen shortage, during the COVID-19 pandemic, and issued notice to the Centre seeking a response on kinds of immediate and effective action it can take to handle such situation.” Supreme Court also raise a question to the center “when center allot the private manufacture have been funded to produce vaccine” Chandrachud added.


Government start the blaming the system, they said oxygen supply and vaccine is enough for people but ground report reflect otherwise. Common people are dying, crematory and buried grounds are piling up with grief and sorrow. All privilege gave to politician, white collar, and rich tycoons even our doctors and corona warrior hardly gets hospital bed when they are affected while serving our nation (India).  We salute doctors and corona warriors for their good deeds.

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