More than 700 Polling staff (teachers) died due to UP Panchayat election

Common People raise a question accusation against the UP Government that “Are Panchayat election are more important than human life? ” As we all aware of surge of second wave of Covid-19 pandemic.  Still UP government force the Primary and Upper Primary Teachers to perform duty as Polling Staff in Panchayat Election.

“These elections have been conducted in almost 60,000 gram sabhas of U.P. without any thought of the catastrophic onslaught of the second wave. Meetings were conducted, campaigning continued and the spread of COVID-19 in U.P.’s villages is now unstoppable. People are dying in numbers far, far above the deceitful official figures,” Ms. Vadra said in a series of tweets.

According to “The Hindu” News channel death troll goes around 700 polling staff, but according to “Deccan Herald” News channel it goes above 1000 death due to Covid-19. Who will take care of their families, families are victims of the irresponsible Uttar Pradesh government.

Allahabad HC : \”Issuing a show-cause notice to Uttar Pradesh EC, the Allahabad HC asked the poll body to explain why it failed to enforce Coronavirus protocols during Panchayat elections and prosecute those responsible for such violations. “It appears that neither the police nor Election Commission did anything to save the people on election duty from getting infected by the deadly virus,” the order said. The HC warned the govt, \”We will not tolerate any paperwork or public announcements to show account of the steps taken as it is now an open secret that the government had gone complacent due to weakening of virus impact by the end of 2020 in the state and the government got more involved in other activities, including Panchayat elections.”

In a major relief for polls workers\’ families who succumbed to COVID, the Uttar Pradesh govt announced a compensation of Rs 30 lakhs on Thursday. The Allahabad HC which has taken cognizance of 135 polling officers\’ death was informed of the decision by the UP govt. The HC had issued a notice to the Yogi govt after 135 Teachers, Shiksha Mitras and Investigators had succumbed to COVID while on poll duty for the recently concluded Panchayat polls.

It means out of 700 death only 135 teachers will get compensation because their names is not in a official list of UP Government who loss there live as polling staff in Panchayat Election duty.

Note: Ours Condolences with those teachers (polling staff) who lose their life due to Covid -19 in Panchayat election of UP.

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