All You Need to Know- “How Police Investigate the Case?”

The criminal justice system in India has three important players, namely, the police, the prosecution, and the judiciary. The activities of the police are crucial to rendering justice in criminal cases and affect the operations of the entire criminal justice system. The police are usually the first to make contact with the victims, the witnesses, and the accused. The police play a key role through the course of investigation, particularly in the identification of the accused, and establishing the guilt of the accused during trial in criminal cases.

How Police Investigate the Case?

  1. The local police gets information about the death/crime from the locals or get complaint from individual.
  2. The officer in charge of the local police station (usually a sub-inspector or inspector) goes to the scene of crime.
  3. Evidence is collected (both physical and testimonial) in the presence of witnesses who will certify that evidence was collected fairly.
  4. Evidence along with FIR is sent to the local judge with jurisdiction.
  5. The judge takes cognisance.
  6. Investigation begins.
  7. The final police report is submitted to the court in a time bound manner.
  8. The court hears both sides. And judgement of conviction or acquittal is passed.
  9. Either of the parties may go on appeal.

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